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Hey there! I'm Cherise Styles and I am the founder of Wear Your Confidence LLC. I help teens and women excel in their everyday lives by teaching them how to reach their maximum potential with originality, sincerity, authenticity and confidence. I never would have thought that all of the rejection and heartbreak that I experienced were not because I wasn't good enough, but it was due to my lack of confidence. I had no idea who I was and I allowed my job and the amount of money I made/didn't determine who I was.


As a teen I was a late bloomer and struggled with my body image! As I got older I struggled with accepting myself, self-defeating thoughts and a whole bunch of rejection. Rejection from "friends," men, the fashion industry etc. You name it, I was rejected by it. (Do you get my point?) I went through a long and extensive process to filter my thoughts and the false truths that I believed about myself.


Many teens and women struggle in their everyday lives, relationships, school and business because of ONE THING ... a lack of confidence!


Let me help you!

How to know if you need a confidence coach:

* You find yourself saying "yes" to people and situations when you want to say "no".

* You find yourself dating the same kind of guy, but they just look different.

* You doubt your abilities and ideas when it comes to school, your job or business.

* You feel guilty when you stand up for yourself.

LET ME HELP your daughter!

How to know if your daughter needs a confidence coach:

*She does not believe in herself.

*She does not accept/ struggles with how she looks.

*She doubts herself and her abilities.


Your confidence journey starts with your thoughts. We have all heard or have been told that if you want a positive life you have to think positive. But, let's be honest! It is easier said than done. If you could have done it by yourself you would have done so already that is why you need a confidence coach.--Me!


Are you ready to remove the mask and become your authentic self and feel comfortable in life and in your business? Are you ready to overcome rejection and comparison? Are you ready to be happy and excel in life? Let me help you to put your best foot forward and take center stage of your life!

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More about Me

I have over 15 years of modeling experience

-Print and Runway modeling

I was signed with Wilhemenia Models, MMG in New York.

I have taken modeling and acting classes with John Robert Powers.

I'm a speaker, author, Confidence & Model Coach, Licensed minister.

I have obtained a Bachelors in Communications and a Masters in Theological Studies with a concentration in Christian Counseling.

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Get a coach for you, or get a coach for your daughter!

Group coaching begins the 1st of every month.
(Only accepting coaching for girls at this time.)
For Your Daughter (ages 10-17)

Eryn S.

"It is a great confidence builder. I was forced to step outside my comfort zone but it was definitely necessary for my personal growth! Interacting with a group of wonderful women who were just open and honest was the icing on the cake. If you join this ... and do the work I can assure you will not be disappointed.”



Cassandra R.- age 12

These sessions helped me a lot. I have learned what I like and what I dislike and my OWN opinions. I realized that I am beautiful inside and out.

I will apply this in school, track, girl scouts and in general...


Erika S.

My daughter actually told me after doing the challenge that she noticed a change in me and she really liked it. She liked how I was speaking out to individuals that I usually sit back and say nothing!

Why stay the same?
Let me coach you!
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