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enroll today!
Classes start august 2023
enroll today!
Classes start
August 2023

Payment plans are available for UNIVERSITY models!

University models

University Models (UM) are those who have enrolled in Wear Your Confidence University. These models will participate in the end of year fashion show and graduation ceremony.

UM will have the opportunity to model and potentially be selected by industry professionals for a modeling/talent contract.


16 weeks course (6 weeks of teaching and model coaching and talent practice; 10 weeks of modeling and talents rehearsal)



Models are those who choose to not enroll in Wear Your Confidence University. Models will have the opportunity to walk in the end of year fashion show.


8 weeks of model coaching and talent rehearsal. (Starting August 2023)

The benefits

*More confidence! Each model who enrolls will be challenged to come outside of her shell! She will be taught how to hold her head up high no matter where she is or what she does in life.

*Talents will be brought out! Each model will have the opportunity to showcase her talent at the end of year fashion show. We believe and know that every model has a talent. We work hard to bring the talent out, cultivate it and show it to the world!

*More belief in herself-Your model will leave the University knowing that she can do any thing she puts her mind to! Many come to the University not thinking they don't have a talent, they can't walk in heels, or speak in front of a crowd. However, that is not the case with the girls who come to the University! The sisterhood and bond that is formed over the duration of the program helps each model to not only believe in herself, but to also believe in their fellow model.

*Life-long bonds and friendships are formed. At WYCU we strongly encourage sisterhood and friendship. We do not accept or tolerate negative self-talk or negativity about other models. Past models have cultivated friendships during their time at WYCU.

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